2008-09-14 12:12:00

"Green economy" as a mechanism to overcome the economic crisis

«Sustainable development» is an international trend, proclaimed 16 years ago in Rio de Janeiro. First of all, it is a universal political strategy for the national and international level. The main principle of this concept is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations and damaging the environment.

The UN Conference on the Environment and Development in 1992, the Monterrey Conference and the Johannesburg Summit in 2002 defined the balanced development as a strategy for the existence of mankind in the XXI century. Therefore, the developed countries of the world introduce this concept at all levels of governmental management. In particular the Scandinavian countries — Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, successfully made the transition to a model of environmentally sound development and are developed prosperous countries.

Ukraine can choose the same way. On this occasion, the leader of the Green Party of Ukraine Volodymyr Kosterin said: «Ukraine has the ability to use the world experience and enter the list of thirty leading countries in quality of life and human development index in ten years. Transition to sustainable development means the harmonious coexistence of economical, environmental and social spheres and requires systemic changes in public policy. For the preparation of the relevant legal framework and institutional reforms only political will is needed.»

However, the leader of the Ukrainian «greens» notes that public support for such innovations is no less important.

During two years social demand for environmental safety and the European quality of life has been actively shaped in Ukraine.

«Ukraine has a great potential for development, and having selected the right way, we can ensure decent conditions of life for present and future generations, and also make an impact on international politics. However, we must beware that we live in a «risk society» and we shouldn’t waste time for systemic reforms, otherwise the country will become a resource base for the economically powerful states while losing a productive part of the population because of the outflow to foreign countries «, — said Vladimir Kosterin.

The current socio-economic situation points at the need of radical changes, especially in the economy, because peculiarity of the economic system directly affects the social and environmental spheres.

We need greening of the economy that provides innovative technologies and a rational approach to the use of resources. «Green Economy meets the challenges of time and ensures the dynamic development without harming the environment. It is badly needed to adopt the strategy of sustainable development and to set the «rules of the game» at the level of parliament to ensure synergy of processes in the economical, ecological and social spheres «, — said the leader of the GPU.

Thus, according to the Worldwatch Institute study there are 2.3 million «green» jobs in the world and this number is constantly growing. Considering the global trends, the mandatory priorities of economic policy should be: accounting performance of economic valuation of natural resources in the socio-economic relations; an ecotax reform that meets the principle «polluter-pays»; cardinal revision of environmental regulations and standards of economic activities; harmonization of environmental legislation with the EU legislation; technical modernization of industrial facilities; improvement of auditing of environmental management; establishing a system of ecological certification of products, goods and services.

In turn, the business, if stimulated by the state and the relevant legal framework, is able to develop other areas of the green economy — namely, insurance services in the field of environmental security, the introduction of energy-saving and renewable energy sources, the creation of a technological infrastructure for recycling and utilization of waste, development of green tourism and recreational potential, ecological construction, improvement of transit facilities and so on. Regarding current labor activity, the principle of rationality and resource saving can be displayed by using new communication technologies, including wireless Internet and electronic document management. New schemes of work management through «remote» workplace and implementation of outsourcing model will enable more efficient use of time, both of the employer and the employee.

Green economy — is an economic system that is based on the responsible behavior of the person with the outside world and respects the principle of «economically beneficial is that what is environmentally friendly.»

«When the environment becomes a reference point for decision-making at various levels — from the minister in the government to a manager in a business holding, we will be living in a different country — said the leader of the GPU Vladimir Kosterin. — It is important that, starting changes in the economy on the principles of sustainable development makes Ukraine look different to the international community. Environmental situation and the type of economy — innovative or industrial — determines the image of the state. In my opinion, environmentally friendly Ukraine is an investment attractive country, and eco-friendly environment is a condition of the welfare of all society.»

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