2017-07-04 10:30:12

Stefano Boeri's liuzhou forest city masterplan breaks ground in China

Stefano Boeri’s first ‘forest city’ in china is now under construction in the city of liuzhou. Conceived as a green metropolis, the project will eventually accommodate 30,000 people, with offices, houses, hotels, hospitals, and schools entirely covered with plants and trees. The revealing of the vast masterplan follows the italian architect’s ‘vertical forest’ in milan, which was completed in 2014, and the unveiling of similar projects planned for lausanne, switzerland, and nanjing, Сhina.

Commissioned by liuzhou municipality urban planning, stefano boeri’s ‘forest city’ will take just three years to complete, with an opening scheduled for 2020. In addition to producing approximately 900 tons of oxygen each year, the scheme also intends to absorb almost 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide and 57 tons of pollutants annually. Occupying a 175-hectare plot along the liujiang river, the new city will be connected to liuzhou with a high speed rail line.

In total, liuzhou forest city will host 40,000 trees and almost one million plants from more than 100 different species. The diffusion of vegetation over the building façades intends to improve air quality, decrease the average air temperature, and create natural noise barriers. The project will also contribute to the region’s biodiversity, generating habitats for birds, insects, and small animals. Rooftop solar panels will collect renewable power, while geothermal energy will be used to air condition the development.

Source: designboom.com

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