2017-08-28 12:15:31

Odesa hosted the European Go Championship

On the 19-20 August, 2017 in Odesa held the European Women's Go Championship. The strongest sportswomen from Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Serbia, as well as their colleagues from many cities of Ukraine – Kherson, Rivne, Kharkov, Odessa, Kiev came to the tournament. More than 50 participants competed at the championship.

The first place was won by Manja Marz from Germany, who showed an absolute result, having won all five games and became the new European Go champion; the second place was taken by last year's European champion Natalia Kovaleva from Moscow (who is vice-president of the European Go Federation); and the third place went to Rita Počay from Hungary. Three participants from Kiev appeared in the top ten list: Svetlana Tarasenko (5th place), Daria Kubrak (7th place) and Nika Petrashevskaya (9th place).

«This is the first official international tournament of such a high rank for the forty years of the existence of the Ukrainian Go Federation, which took place on the territory of Ukraine», – said Dmitry Yatsenko, president of the Go Federation of Ukraine. – The greatest surprise of the current championship was that its winner Manja Marz has only the 3rd dan and sportswomen, who got 2nd and 3rd places, have the 5th dan. It means that in the game of Go there is no last year's merit, that the preparation and the will to win are of decisive importance».

At the same time the Odesa Open 2017 tournament took place, in which about 40 players of different ages took part, from children to the elderly. The youngest participant was 8 years old and the oldest – 60. With an absolute result, Roman Korolev from Kiev (5th dan) won; the second place was taken by Mikhail Galchenko (5th dan), the third – Victor Kokozey (4th dan).

Світлина від Благотворительный фонд UWF.

«Another characteristic feature of this tournament is that many of its participants have not yet turned 16 years old. I think that they had a good training before the next European Youth Championship, which will be held in Kiev in late March 2018 at the Palace of Children and Youth. And it also means that game Go is becoming more popular among young people, who will represent the future of Ukraine», – said Dmitry Yatsenko.

The official partner of the championship was the International Risk Reduction Foundation, whose chairman Vladimir Kosterin is also the Honorary President of the Go Federation of Ukraine.

After the competition, Vladimir Kosterin said: «I am glad that for the first time in Ukraine were held Go competitions of European level, which were visited by the strongest players among women. The European Go Federation noted the high level of the event in Odesa. Therefore, we will be able to host the European Youth Championship in 2018 also in Ukraine, with even more participants».
Світлина від Благотворительный фонд UWF.

The English mobile operator Lycamobile was the general partner of the Go Federation of Ukraine. All participants of the competition got mobile sim cards, which make it possible to communicate without roaming in the countries where Lycamobile is represented. That is important in view of the visa-free regime of Ukraine with the EU countries.

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