2018-08-21 10:10:00

VW recalls 700,000 Tiguan and Touran worldwide

In almost 700,000 VW Tiguan and Touran worldwide there may be a short circuit on the light bar on the panoramic roof. The manufacturer has therefore started a recall campaign for all vehicles of the current model generations produced up to and including July 5 of this year. In Germany, there are about 30,000 Tiguan and about 22,500 Touran, which are equipped with the large sunroof and the so-called ambient lighting.

A caused by ingress of moisture short circuit in the LED module could cause a Schmorschaden on the headliner, said a company spokesman. "Under very unfavorable conditions, it can also cause a vehicle fire," he said. The worst-case scenario is due to a failure of the lighting in the sunroof and perceptible smell of burning. Customers should continue to use the vehicle until repair, said the spokesman.

This is important, because there is no real remedy for the action "60C9". She "is still in the testing phase. As soon as the development-side releases are available, we can say more about it, "said the statement from Wolfsburg.

Source: kfz-betrieb.vogel.de

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