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Go European Championship held in Kyiv

     On September 28-29, 2019, an event was held in Kiev for everyone who is interested in intellectual sports. The capital of Ukraine for the first time hosted the European Go Championship for students (European Student Go Championship 2019, ESGC).

     According to the results of the two-day tournament, five winners were determined, two of them from Ukraine. The strongest players in the championship were - Poeper Lukas (Czech Republic), Matyushkin Alexander (RF), Krushelnytsky Valery (Ukraine).

     “I am very pleased with my performance, as it’s always nice to win, especially since it was the European Championship for which I was preparing for a long time,” said Poeper Lucas. “I’ll separately note the organization of the tournament, the importance of which can be judged from the fact that the championship was held in the center Kiev - the columned hall of the city administration".

     A reward for the winner of the first place, a student from the Czech Republic, was a ticket to study at the Go professional school in South Korea, for the other prize winners - four tickets to the European Championship for students, which will be held in Tokyo in 2020. Two Ukrainians will represent Europe at the championship next year – Valery Krushelnitsky and Nika Petrashevskaya.

На изображении может находиться: 2 человека, люди сидят, стол и в помещении

     On this occasion, Honorary President of the Federation of Go of Ukraine Volodymyr Kosterin noted: “Our guys showed a good game and a decent result. As a rule, Ukrainians are considered one of the most powerful Go players in Europe. The European Championship in Kiev was made possible thanks to the previous victories of our athletes, in particular, in 2016 the Ukrainian team became the European champion”.

     The Ukrainian Federation of Go is actively working to involve Ukraine in the global movement of intellectual games, and to gain valuable experience in international competitions.

     “Our goal is that more people in Ukraine know about Go and the game is supported at the state level. Since Guo contributes to the comprehensive development of the personality, enhancing the analytical and creative thinking skills of a person. Guo is also considered a managerial toolkit, since knowledge of the rules of the game allows you to build effective strategies in any sphere of life - in the military, politics, business and others, ” – added Vladimir Kosterin.

На изображении может находиться: 2 человека, люди стоят и на улице

     The events organized by the Federation over the past few years have been recognized as one of the best at the world level: the Go European Women's Championship in Odessa (2017), the youth championship, which came to the Kiev Palace of Children and Youth (2018). Previous organizational experience will benefit the next major event, for which the Federation has long been preparing.

     “In 2020, Ukraine will host the main event for the European Go community - the 64th European Go Congress (EGC). This is an annual, two-week open competition set to determine the best Go athletes in different categories. The venue of the Congress was the festival capital of Ukraine - the city of Kamenetz-Podolsky. Participation in competitions has already been confirmed by 35 countries. There will be players from all over the world, and of course from countries where Go is part of the national culture, that is, from China, South Korea, and Japan, ”said UFGO President Dmitry Yatsenko.

На изображении может находиться: 2 человека, люди улыбаются, люди сидят, стол и в помещении



Go is one of the most popular board games in the world. In Asian countries it is supported at the state level - Go are taught in general and specialized schools, TV channels and mass media operate that cover Go topics.

In Europe, mainly the Japanese version of the game is practiced. The European Go Federation was established in 1957 and today unites 37 member countries. Every year, the EHF holds 12 official competitions and about 400 national competitions, the European Professional Go League has been created by its auspices.

In Ukraine, the game of Go has been known since the beginning of the twentieth century, but it became widespread since 1975, after the publication of a series of articles in the journal Science and Life. In large cities, clubs were created, regular championships were held. The result was the formation in Ukraine of a leading European organization uniting all the country's players.

Achievements - in 2012, a double victory in the European Championship – Yuri Mikhalyuk in the category of under 12 years old, Valery Krushelnitsky in the category of under 16 years old. In 2016, the national team of Ukraine at the European Championship in St. Petersburg (RF) received a resounding victory. In 2019 there were two important victories – Artem Kachanovsky won the European professional championship, and Vsevolod Ovsienko in the category of under 12 years old won the championship in the European Championship.

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