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Volodymyr Kosterin: "Children did more in a few months than the Ministry of Environment during few years"

On May 18, 2015 a ceremony of awarding the participants of the II Ukrainian contest for school students «ECOclass» was held in Kiev. This project was initiated by the «Social center of Hennady Vykhodtsev» and implemented by distribution network «Foxtrot. Home appliances» with the support of international partner — Swiss Risk Reduction Foundation.

The contest «ECOclass» which was held under the slogan «Think — globally, act — locally!», for the second consecutive year, brought together the efforts of children, parents, teachers and all concerned citizens to tackle environmental issues in all regions of Ukraine. The competition was attended by students of 1–11 classes, creative student associations, as well as teachers. Contest projects in three categories «ECO design», «ECO innovations» and «ECO creativity» were received from more than 400 schools in Ukraine and 520 environmental groups, and overall 700 000 people took part in the competition!

The scale of II Ukrainian contest of projects «ECOclass» is truly impressive, as within its framework the participants cleaned 25 thousand hectares of territory; planted 55 thousand bushes and 112 thousand trees; planted 12 thousand of flowering plants; laid 58 parks; conducted 3240 environmental events; manufactured and placed 1820 of feeders and birdhouses; cleared 302 riverbeds, springs, ponds and coastal strips; delivered for processing 2715 kg of glass; disposed 1100 kg of plastic materials; delivered for recycling 805 kg of batteries; organized 324 cleaning days and many other useful things.

«We are confident that the projects that have been developed and submitted by the participants of the II stage of the contest „ECOclass“, will not only improve the environmental situation in Ukraine, but also provide an opportunity to avoid the pollution of our planet in the future — said the organizer of the contest, the executive director of the trade network „Foxtrot. Home Appliances“ Vyacheslav Povroznik. — I wish participators success in these competition, more of creativity, imagination and courage. I want you to see that your ideas are put into practice, that people use them and how they bring real benefits».

According to the president of the Swiss Risk Reduction Foundation Volodymyr Kosterin, competition «ECOclass» showed greater results than all the Ministry of the Environment during several years of work. «The theme of ecology is so important because it affects our health and quality of life. Today, in Ukraine people live 20–30 years less than in neighboring countries. Our common goal is to restore the ecological balance in the country and the world at large. Having awarded the winners in the nomination «ECO creativity» Mr. Kosterin noted that there are growing talented and responsible children in Ukraine who in the near future will make Ukraine an environmentally safe and competitive country.

«Competition «ECOclass» is of great importance, as it teaches the younger generation a «green» way of life, unites participants and teachers in the noble endeavors. Only by working together we can improve the environmental situation in Ukraine. We look forward to new initiatives from the «Foxtrot», — said the deputy director for scientific and methodological activities of the National ecological and naturalistic center of Kiev Victoria Taranenko.

«Looking at the participants of the contest, you start to believe that Ukraine will become a successful and clean country, because neither they nor their children will throw garbage, treat environment in irresponsible way and waste water», — said Natalia Boyko, deputy general director of the publishing house «Edipresse».

During the event, participants and guests of the contest saw the entertaining experiments of doctor Uhtyshkin (Wow! — doctor transl.), who miraculously made snow from air and prepared salad in his hat, watched informative video of Ukrainian animators «On the blue planet», in which the Earth is represented in all of its biological diversity. The emotional culmination of the event was the performance of the artists of the group «The Aviator», who together with the children sang the legendary song «The grass near the house», and then gladly took pictures with everyone. In the unanimous opinion of both children and adults, the contest was a real success.

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