2019-09-11 09:25:05

The state of technologically dangerous objects in Kyiv is a matter of national security

In Kyiv, an action is being held at which people in chemical protection suits urged the people of Kyiv to pay attention to the environmental situation in the city and the existing man-made threats. The initiator of the action –- Vladimir Kosterin, head of the international Risk reduction foundation believes that the degree of environmental friendliness of Kyiv and Ukraine is a basic condition for the health and life expectancy of Ukrainians.

On this occasion, Kosterin noted: “I have repeatedly raised the issue of the need to hold a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine to analyze and make decisions on technogenic hazardous enterprises and critical infrastructure facilities in Kyiv. In 2016, I publicly addressed the President of Ukraine on this issue. This year I sent an official an appeal to the Kyiv City State Administration, the mayor of Kyiv, to President Volodymyr Zelensky on the situation around the radioactive waste storage facility, which is located near the "National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life" Pirogovo, we are talking about the Kyiv special plant "Radon." According to official information, there were several emergency situations on Radon, as a result of which there was a depressurization of the tanks, which caused tritium contamination of the territory and groundwater".

Participants of the action drew public attention to the risks for the people of Kyiv from the abandoned chemical plant "Radical" on Darnitsa, where there are tons of mercury, with which the entire territory and structures of the plant are saturated. Despite this fact, mass events are often held near the plant, at which there are many young people and children.

"In order not to repeat the mistakes of the past, as in 1986 with Chernobyl, it is necessary to understand the situation at such facilities as closely as possible, with the involvement of specialists who can establish effective management of technologically hazardous enterprises, revitalize industrial zones and reclaim territories. That is, organize measures to neutralize threats. for the city and the state as a whole", – added Kosterin.

Kyiv and Ukraine have every opportunity to occupy a niche of one of the business, cultural and tourist centers of the world. This requires a strategy that will cover the issues of infrastructure, transport, energy. Since the mission of the capital is to be a "city-legislator" of useful trends, the introduction of new technologies and solutions.

Source: gazeta.ua