2019-12-27 14:10:18

Vladimir Kosterin: the effectiveness of government should be assessed by the growth of the quality of life

In the media and social networks, secondary political issues still prevail, and the main value – the life expectancy of citizens – remains only a background.

The reboot of the state must begin with a value foundation on which subsequent organizational forms will be built. You should not look for justification in complex ideological constructions, such as libertarianism, in order to choose the main vector of development for Ukraine. The ideology of growth in the quality and life expectancy should simultaneously become our goal and a means of building a modern country in which constitutional rights are observed, and there is a duty to fight for life of each person.

Every sane person wants to live longer, since life is the main value given by God and nature. Accordingly, the political agenda should be formed around the top topic: what specific actions should the government take to reduce the death rate of people and increase their life expectancy? It should be about concrete steps for the coming days, months and years, and not mythical plans for decades, when the culprit will no longer be found.

If the mortality rate does not decrease, which means that life expectancy does not increase, the annual budgets have already been spent, then the power in the country is ineffective, it means that people with powers of authority sabotaged or imitated their activities. Then the waste of local and state budgets should be viewed as theft of money and human lives.

I propose to prosecute and punish officials and deputies of those regions where the lowest life expectancy is observed, and where, in essence, nothing is done to increase it, and to encourage those who effectively reduce mortality in the regions.

This requires only political will and a new look at human life as the main value of the state. When the president monitors the dynamics by region, analyzes the reasons and helps create administrative and other incentives, it will help restart the constitutional and legal mechanism for the benefit of every citizen. If the mortality rate is reduced by 5-10%, this means that 30-60 thousand people will be saved from premature death per year, and this is from 80 to 160 people per day. Such figures are an order of magnitude higher than in road accidents on our roads (3.4-4.5 thousand victims annually), as well as a result of hostilities in the East of Ukraine or street crimes.

Now, in terms of life expectancy, Ukraine is in the worst condition in Europe, which is directly related to high environmental and social risks and low incomes of the population.

There is nowhere to retreat further. The time has come to introduce new legislative solutions and management technologies that will set new impulses for the modernization and revaluation of human capital in Ukraine.

Source: liga.net