2011-06-03 11:41:00

Vladimir Kosterin: Green ideology - the trend of the century which was generated under the influence of increasing risks and threats on the planet

KW: Vladimir Aleksandrovich, please call the key differences between green ideology and other political trends?
v. K.: Green ideology is a trend of the XXI century which was generated under the influence of increasing risks and threats on the Planet. It sums up the achievement of human thought and gives answers to all challenges. While other political movements emerged to request a particular social group (bourgeoisie, aristocrats, working class etc.), and support its interests, the green ideology represents interests of all mankind.

Liberty, equality and tolerance for everyone, regardless of their social status, place of residence, religion is the basis of the green ideology. The purpose of the greens is a high level of quality of life, which depends on the environmental and economic situation in the country and all over the world.

The ideological platform of many parties is morally outdated as the majority of ideologies have formed several centuries ago. On the contrary, the green ideas are one of the most progressive today, and the green movement is getting increasingly influential from year to year. Green parties are present in many parliaments of the developed countries of the world — Switzerland, Germany, Austria etc. In the European Union, the Green Fraction is the fourth largest in European Parliament. In Ukraine, ecological political and public organizations by means of TV channel Tonis have formed over the years a social demand for the green ideology to promote the modernization of Ukraine, and its integration into the world community.

Therefore, if the authorities are guided by the principle of ecologization it will promote the revival of Ukraine and its integration into the world community.

KW: As a businessman, how do you think the state will benefit from the green economy?

v. K.: In the modern world, the state leadership is possible if there is environmentalization of policy and economy. Therefore, systematic introduction of «green rules» — the rational use of resources and reducing environmental impact, transition to innovative technologies and energy efficiency, carrying out eco-labor and institutional reforms should be a priority of state policy.

Thanks to the efforts of the Green — parties, media, commercial and public organizations — the market of green goods and services has come into being and is becoming the most growing in the world. The green business provides jobs and incomes for a great number of people and small and medium businesses, thereby taking away the market from monopolies and cartels that manufacture goods in unsafe ways thus damaging environment and health of the people.

The environmentalization of Ukrainian economy will allow raising the level of welfare of each person; will provide competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the state, and also positive image in the world.

KW: What is the purpose of the Risk Reduction Foundation that you are heading?

v. K.: The foundation develops administrative decisions to reduce the risks for national, regional and municipal authorities and promotes innovative green projects and technologies directed on improvement of quality of life by reduction of risks.

RRF partners are European and international organizations, state and municipal agencies, investment funds, the insurance companies and commercial entities. The foundation is interested in cooperation with scientists, inventors and experts in different fields.

The Risk Reduction Foundation popularizes the idea of competition between countries on qualitative and quantitative levels to make governance more effective and opposition more constructive. People could estimate the work of politicians objectively by comparing the results of their efforts over certain periods of time with the results in other countries. It is possible to estimate the efficiency, professionalism and patriotism of the government using the dynamics of the state rankings in the UN’s Human Development Index.

We hope that young people, when becoming politicians, will operate industries, cities and countries, will compete by the indicators that determine the quality of life for everyone.

KW: 5th of June is the World Environment Day. What would you like to wish our readers? Are there any ecological projects, initiated by Risk Reduction Foundation?

v. K.: The attitude to the nature is a critical indicator of the level civilization of a society. The state of the environment depends on each and every of us; therefore I suggest all of us to unite around the national green idea «Ukraine — environmentally friendly and safe country." The reference point of this idea will help uniting all social classes, and will allow making Ukraine a developed, healthy, economically safe neighbor to the European countries, a business and cultural center of Eurasia.

It is time for the supporters of the green idea to become independent and actively protect their constitutional right on safe life and health environment. In particular, throughout 2006–2009 the Green Party of Ukraine has field more than 600 court cases against pollutant enterprises, and to a degree promoted the greenization of corporate sector.

Considering the lack of trust to Ukraine and low investment attractiveness, the Foundation is engaged in eco-social projects aimed to foster improvement of Ukraine’s image abroad.

We have launched a project on the conservation and restoration of native plant and animal species that are on the verge of extinction. Nowadays we open the Centers of the Red Book in Ukraine and the CIS countries. Also, the Foundation works with municipalities so that mayors that run cities may apply the EU standards of energy efficiency and saving. For the transition to the green economy principles, the Risk Reduction Foundation works over the implementation of the eco-labor reform in Ukraine and other countries.