2010-09-14 11:50:00

Vladimir Kosterin and Rajmohan Gandhi agreed on cooperation between the organization "Initiative of Change" and "Risk Reduction Foundation"

In April from 16 to 23 a «Week of trust» took place in Ukraine. Public campaign initiated by the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhi Rajmohan, world-renowned social activist and one of the ideologues of the movement «A world without violence." The main idea of the project was to rebuild the trust among the population of Ukraine, in the government and business. Activities which were held in four cities of Ukraine — Kiev, Kharkov, Simferopol, Sevastopol — enabled the Ukrainian society to get acquainted with philosophy of Rajmohan Gandhi.

Lecture at the National University of T.Shevchenko, an exhibition of posters and photographs on ethnic trust, «First International Bommer Film Festival», mass planting of the «Tree of Peace», the final conference of youth volunteer initiatives in 2009 — joined all those concerned with the future of Ukraine and who believe that trust is important factor of social stability.

During his stay in Ukraine, Rajmohana Gandhi met with the head of the Supervisory Board of the International Risk Reduction Foundation Vladimir Kosterin and director of the East European Development Institute Mridula Ghosh.

Discussing the prospects of Ukraine, Rajmohan Gandhi asked Vladimir Kosterin what he thinks are the main challenges of Ukraine. «Incompetence and irresponsibility. And absence of a clear purpose, «- said Vladimir Kosterin.

Vladimir Kosterin and Rajmohan Gandhi have agreed on the cooperation between the «Initiative of Change» organization and Risk Reduction Foundation.

«In 2009 Kyiv International Forum was held, where we tried to reach candidates that they must take obligations in clear quantitative and qualitative aims and sound what place will take Ukraine in the quality of life ranking after implementing their pre election programmes at the level of state governance — said Vladimir Kosterin — Today, according UN, Ukraine’s position in quality of life rating is 85, but in natural resources and aggregate capital Ukraine hits top 20. That’s why I proposed to take obligations in quantitative aims». After resolutions have been sent in December of past year, Yulia Tymoshenko announced that she leads Ukraine in top 30 countries. Next day Victor Yanukovych held a press-conference and announced that he leads in top 20. To the opinion of Vladimir Kosterin these are clear aims, on which cooperation with authorities can be organized. «Now we are forming a group of experts to work out the concept of reforms — recommendations, needed for dynamic development of Ukraine to enter top 10 countries on the quality of life. We don’t need to invent the bicycle, we need to analyze what we have and adopt the best in legislative way. It’s simple, there must be a plan and act in accordance with it and with a principle: fact — deny. « — said Vladimir Kosterin.

Rajmohan Gandhi and Vladimir Kosterin paid attention to problem of access to education. Today many countries face problem of inequality in receiving education, because of weak infrastructure or hard economic situation. Vladimir Kosterin proposed to raise theme of using modern means of communication in educational programs in countries of Africa, Asia etc. at the level of UN and other international organizations. In refer to this Rajmohan Gandhi mentioned: «I’m very glad that you, young man from Ukraine think about world children. It also shows what Ukraine can give to the world. You are a man with a very brave vision. I support you and whish you luck in reaching this aim. I’m inspired with your idea. «Initiative of Change», which I’m heading could cooperate with you. I invite you at the conference «Call to Action» this summer in Caux, Switzerland. We hold this conference for a few years and have reached some success. Kofi Annan came to conference. People, who want to change something, come. We try to make this place something like Davos-peacemaker, where moral authorities, authorities in education etc. get together. So we can unite active people. We need partners to cooperate with. I’ll be glad to see you at the conference. "

Rajmohan Gandhi also spoke about the contest «Ukraine active», which is expected to unite active young people who are already leaders from different social groups. Following the meeting Rajmohan Gandhi and Vladimir Kosterin agreed on cooperation between the «Initiative of Change» and the International Risk Reduction Foundation.