2010-09-13 11:54:00

Only ecologically safe country can be attractive for investments

In the XXI century, economic development should not go against the environmental safety. Economy and ecology are interrelated, that is why economically profitable is only that, what is environmentally safe.

The technological infrastructure is a threat to the environment in Ukraine and this leads to the formation of a negative image of the state. Accordingly, only environmentally safe country can be attractive for investments. Ecological safety is the basis of national and international security.

Therefore, when making political and economic decisions, environmental factors and the degree of risks must be taken into account. Considering the economic backwardness of Ukraine, «green» «rules of the game» must be implemented at the legislative level to allow Ukraine become a business, tourist and cultural center of Eurasia. The country has all the prerequisites to do this: natural resources, a large territory, a favorable transit location and scientific and industrial potential. What we need is effective management in the direction of sustainable development — the synergy of the economic, ecological and social spheres.

Ukraine has suffered Chernobyl and now must correct mistakes of the past and become the greenest country through the introduction of innovative eco-security technologies. And «green» economy would be the starting point. For example, the real increase of the share of renewable energy in the energy supply in Ukraine and energy efficiency will strengthen the national economy, improve its competitiveness by reducing the cost of production, «saving» currency inside the country and creating new jobs.

In this vein, UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) has developed a special report saying that the leadership of all countries needs to develop five directions:

1) Eco-friendly transport;

2) Ecological engineering;

3) Introduction of technologies using renewable energy sources and energy efficiency;

4) Development of land, water and forest resources management systems;

5) Development of organic agriculture.

I hope that, regardless of political differences parliamentarians, government and president will take these recommendations of the UN into account and will carry out the systematic greening of the country, taking example from the government of South Korea, which has officially announced the «green» state course.