2010-09-12 11:55:00

Opinion: "Green" trend - our today and tomorrow ...

Underflooding of large areas, floods which destroy houses and facilities, destroyed roads, bridges and utilities, lost lives, forest and grassland fires, exploding ammunition dumps, trains coming off the rails with flammable cargoes, accidents on sea transport with a spill of fuel, oil; explosions and collapses in coal mines, mining camps and quarries, unresolved problems of burning domestic and industrial waste, littered and gased cities, especially the so-called industrial conurbations Donbass, Krivbass and chemical Krymbass; absence or insufficient of capacities to purify sewage, municipal and industrial waste, all this directly affects the quality of life and health and life expectancy of the citizens of Ukraine.

It is gratifying to know that the recent interest of public to environmental issues has significantly increased, as shown by case studies and rhetoric of the authorities. I believe that the «green» channel «Tonis» and the honorary head of the Green Party of Vladimir Kosterin have made a significant contribution for this. For several years, Green Party of Ukraine carried out hundreds of courts to protect the constitutional right to a safe and healthy environment, initiated an international environmental forums, etc. Now it is important that requests of civil society were implemented in public policy, because it affects the outlook of our state.

The advantage of an ecological approach in the public policy is expressed in cost savings, efficient use of resources and providing all aspects of national security.

According to Vladimir Kosterin, the economic development of Ukraine should not go counter to the environmental safety. Economy and ecology should be linked, economically profitable must be only that what is environmentally safe. If the technological infrastructure of the economy is a threat to the environment, it leads to a negative image of the state. Accordingly, only environmentally safe country can be attractive for investments.

«The real increase in the share of renewable energy in the energy supply system of Ukraine and the introduction of energy efficient technologies in production will strengthen the national economy and provide investment attractiveness and increase its competitiveness through the creation of new jobs, reduction of costs for production, «saving» currency inside the country and reasonable usage of the state budget. Because we must invest in domestic production «, — said Vladimir Kosterin.

In the world, the course on «green» changes is conditioned by a number of factors, and the most important is a struggle against climate change. «Green» economic reforms are the result of appropriate political will. Experts identified that to advance the global «green» economy policy we need programs with a total value not less than 0 billion which is equivalent to 1% of global GDP.

In this vein, UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) has developed a special report on the formation of eco-social market economy model. According to UNEP, the governments of all countries should develop five areas:

1) eco-friendly transport;

2) environmental Engineering;

3) introduction of technologies using renewable energy sources and energy efficiency;

4) the development of land, water and forest resources management systems;

5) development of organic agriculture.

Hopefully, these recommendations of international organizations will help to transform Ukraine into a country with sustainable economy of high technologies, social and political stability and a favorable habitat.

Victor Tarasenko

Member of the Academy of Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, professor, Chairman of the Crimean branch of the Green Party of Ukraine