2013-04-23 21:26:00

Ukraine was offered to hold referendums online

Ukraine has started a social project «referendum — online», which is the prototype of the future model of public participation in public policy.

As it was reported to the «comments.ua» by the Swiss Risk Reduction Foundation, this issue was discussed at a round table on the prospects of development of electronic democracy in Ukraine organized by the Foundation together with the NGO «Citizens Constitutional Congress».

A member of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, a member of the International Academy of Management, Doctor of Economics of University of Geneva professor Bohdan Hawrylyshyn noted: «The question of the referendum is important for Ukraine, especially for the future Ukraine when we will come to a direct democracy, and will use it as it in a proper way, not as current authorities wish».

«Referendum is a way of expression, when people say «yes» or «no», and the best of all in the world, this method is used in a small country of Switzerland, where a lot of different issues are solved by simple citizens, not elected politicians. 8–10 referendums can simultaneously take place in Switzerland, on which society itself decides whether to hold the Olympic Games or not, what should be the wages of top managers, how much taxes to pay, etc." — he added.

Considering the purpose of the internet platform «www.referendum-online.org» head of the Risk Reduction Foundation Volodymyr Kosterin said: «We are on the verge of such future when all government decisions will be made online. Social Project „www.referendum-online.org“ is the prototype of the future model of public participation in the implementation of the state policy. The Foundation started this project for the development of responsible civil society».

In his turn writer, MD Yuriy Shcherbak said that since 1848, Switzerland held about 520 referendums, and therefore it is necessary to study the experience of this country. But at the same time there must be a balanced approach to some of the topics of the referendums, because Switzerland also allowed legal sale of heroin on prescription threw a referendum.

Public and political activist Oleh Rybachuk drew attention to the imperfection of the legislation relating to the functioning of the institutions of direct democracy in Ukraine: «Under the current legislation, in current Ukraine, under the current regime to hold honest referendum in Ukraine — is absolutely impossible». There is an urgent need to change the law in this area and bring it in line with the European Union legislation criteria.

Chairman of the executive committee of the «Civic Constitutional Congress» Yuriy Zbitnev noted in his speech that now there is a crisis of representative democracy in Ukraine: «We are opening the door to a new world of social and political relations, which is called e-democracy. This is an opportunity for every citizen to influence the development of the country and society.

To opinion of the national deputy Mikhail Apostol online decision-making is highly relevant for a new generation and in the future many problems will be solved in such way. «I propose to conduct a pilot project — the referendum on the topic of land and to provide an opportunity for people at central and local levels to express their position on this issue».

In her turn, the ex-minister of culture Oksana Bilozir noted that the website «referendum — online» will be demanded by many people, especially by millions of guest workers who yet do not have any opportunity to influence the life of their native country.

Participants of the roundtable noted that «referendum — online» can become a platform for the presentation and public discussion of the various laws in all-Ukrainian scale.