2021-01-06 14:10:25

UN declare a state of emergency UN declare climate

UN Secretary General António Guterrichal declare a climate emergency. According to him, the main goal of the organization for the next year is "to create a truly global coalition to ensure neutrality by the middle of the century."

Speaking at the video-driven Summit on Ambitious Climate Change Challenges, he said:  “Can anyone still deny that we are facing a massive emergency? The climate sector until the goal of neutrality is achieved. "

France will maintain its commitment to fighting change. President Emmanuel Macron also announced the successful development of cooperation with Beijing in the implementation of the Paris Agreement. "Everyone in the world must step up the fight, as the Europeans did, agreeing to emit 55% greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. The international community must embark on a path to space neutrality by 2050. It is our duty to youth and future generations."

The Paris Climate Agreement has been ratified by 189 countries and the European Union. The document indicates that in order to prevent irreversible consequences for the environment, mankind needs to keep the average temperature rise on the planet within 1.5-2 degrees according to the corresponding indicator of the pre-industrial era.

Source: Irina Sheludkova, euronews.com