2021-03-02 05:05:31

Mikhail Gorbachev is one of the founders of the world greening movement

Mikhail Gorbachev celebrated 90 years anniversary. Our acquaintance was held at the General Association of the Green Cross International (GCI) near New Orleans, in 2007.

With Yuriy Shcherbak, we saw him as a diplomat. Gorbachev and Shcherbak are familiar from the USSR, I wish that both of them were filled with business plans, the scene passed even warmly. I felt the intellectual power of the people, opening up the history and mind, like a visa and standing in front of people. One of these is the concept of ecology, as a science, and as a principle of management.

In 1993, Mikhail Gorbachev took the board of the "Red Cross" by the butt, organizing the "Green Cross" – an international organization, to carry out the broadcast of practical food and drink development.

One of the attachments of #GCI is the increase and increase of conflicts, connected with the degradation of the midst of the colony. To that and at the same time the conference was held by New Orleans, which is experiencing a spontaneous life and inherited inheritance for the meeting. Uranium "Katrina" has become a confirmed forecast of frequent natural anomalies due to the destruction of ecological conditions on the planet.

Gorbachev and Shcherbak survived the pre-Chornobil disaster, accentuated that at the same time the priorities of sovereign government, linked themselves with the food of ecological safety.

The message of our organization, our activity in Ukraine, was accompanied by the creation of partners from the "Green Cross", the head of the organization, Alexander Likhotal.

I hope that the contribution of Mikhail Gorbachev to the consolidation of the vision of power, the strengthening of the rights and freedom of the people and the vision of the new middle class, will be multiplied by the positive propositions of the democracy of the regression and technology.

Volodymyr Kosterin, Head of the «Risk Reduction Foundation»