2021-11-26 11:25:56

University of Banking supports security partnership

Adaptation of national insurance legislation to EU legislation continues in Ukraine, in particular, civil liability insurance of owners of land vehicles. At the same time, the foundation is being laid for the implementation of state policy in the field of road safety. We are talking about the law "On road traffic", the Strategy for improving road safety in Ukraine for the period until 2024, as well as the State Program for improving road safety in Ukraine for the period until 2023 adopted for the implementation of this strategy.

The framework law presupposes the approval of the methodology for determining economic damage due to the consequences of road accidents (death and injury of people). The presence of this mechanism will make it possible to objectively assess the damage and make scientifically grounded decisions regarding the use of budgetary funds and increase the effectiveness of the efforts of the authorities to reduce risks.

Risk management in the road transport sector in Ukraine is being dealt with by a coalition of partners under the auspices of the Institute for Road Safety, which cooperates with a number of organizations, namely: M.V. Ptukhi, Faculty of Law, KNU named after Tarasa Shevchenko, Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Center for Emergency Medical Aid and Disaster Medicine, Institute of Legislation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Department of Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Calculations, KNETU, Risk Reduction Foundation.

The leading specialized university of Ukraine - the University of Banking - has also joined the partnership. University Rector, Doctor of Economics Angela Kuznetsova and Director of the Institute for Road Safety, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Elena Shchetinina signed a Memorandum of Partnership dated November 25, 2021.

The parties determined common goals for the implementation of the provisions of international treaties and conventions, in particular the UN General Assembly Resolution on improving road safety worldwide, the Stockholm Declaration of the Third World Ministerial Conference on Road Safety and others.

The partners in the partnership have joined forces to contribute to the improvement of road safety regulations based on the principles of system integration and adaptation to the standards and norms of the European Union.

An important component of the partners' activities is the study of the experience of organizing lawmaking to minimize accidents, the introduction of the best world experience in Ukraine, as well as cooperation with foreign scientific institutions and organizations.