2023-04-04 09:25:06

Go players showed a high class of game in Turkey

Pupils of the Kyiv Palace of Children and Youth once again proved their European leadership in intellectual games. Yes, Vsevolod Ovsienko became the European Go champion for the fourth time. The competition held in Ankara (Turkey) brought together representatives of 34 participating countries. The Ukrainian national team took the 3rd team place.

The national team of Ukraine unites the following players: Dmytro Bogatskyi, Artem Kachanovskyi, Andrey Kravets, Valery Krushelnytskyi, Bohdan Zhurakovskyi, Osviyenko Vsevolod, Dmytro Yatsenko.

For more than four thousand years, Go has been one of the most complex intellectual games that develop strategic and tactical thinking skills at the same time, which is useful for soldiers, diplomats, politicians and businessmen. In the 20th century, Go became popular on all continents. Over the past ten years, important events have been taking place in Ukraine to popularize this intellectual sport. Thus, the first women's European Go Championship was held in Odesa (2017), the youth championship was held on the basis of the Kyiv Palace of Children and Youth (2018), and the student championship was held in the colonnaded hall of the Kyiv City State Administration (2019). For the well-conducted events and high achievements, the Ukrainian Go Federation received the right to hold the European Go Congress, which it will be able to use in peacetime.