2023-09-13 14:30:43

Volodymyr Kosterin supported the sports universiade

The International Student Day was held in sports. On the basis of the Kyiv Olympic Vocational College named after Ivan Piddubny, which is part of the National University of Physical Education and Sports (NUFVSU), friendly competitions were held with the participation of representatives of about 20 higher education institutions. In addition to the solemn celebration, students and guests of the institution were able to try their hand at the prepared locations - from athletics, boxing, biathlon, football, etc. The well-thought-out organization of the event made it possible to introduce the student audience and friends of the institution to interesting technological developments in the field of e-sports, VR and educational projects on drone management.

"I am grateful to the head of the National University of Physical Education and Sports (NUFVSU), rector Yevhen Imas for the friendly reception and the high level of the event. I would like to note that the Go Federation team demonstrated a high level of play and interested college students in an intellectual sport of Eastern origin, but which has long been popular all over the world. I am glad that the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, Oksen Lisovoy, is interested in the possibilities of Go for the development of analytical and creative skills of young people."

The need to develop rehabilitation programs for military and civilians prompted the involvement of American developers in the field of VR technologies, who joined forces with academia to develop educational programs on psychological resilience and PTSD treatment.

The participants of the event are students, management of higher educational institutions, MES, Acting Oleksandr Plyasetskyi, head of the Desnyan district state administration in Kyiv, and Andriy Vitrenko, deputy of the Kyiv City Council, were able to try out sports innovations and share their impressions.