Charitable Foundation of «Bogdan Hawrylyshyn»

Charitable Foundation of «Bogdan Hawrylyshyn»

On 11 of June 2010 an agreement on partnership and strategic cooperation between the charitable foundation «Bogdan Hawrylyshyn» and the International «Risk Reduction Foundation» was signed. Heads of organizations — Bogdan Havrylyshyn and Vladimir Kosterin joined their forces for a number of projects aimed at Ukraine’s transition to a sustainable environmentally sound development.

One important area of ​​cooperation is the support of children and youth. In particular, promotion of development of the «Plast», popularization of its educational system and patriotic principles. Bogdan Havrylyshyn believes that «Plast» movement is essential for the younger generation and the development of civil society in Ukraine.

Discussing the political situation in the world, Vladimir Kosterin suggested starting «Olympics» between the two countries on the quality of life. «The United Nations annually monitor the quality of life and the human development index for all countries of the world. Using the developed qualitative and quantitative indicators of UN, we can determine how effective is the authority and how it implements its obligations. Therefore, promotion of the idea of ​​an inter-state political «Olympics» will improve the quality of life in Ukraine and in the world. «According to Bogdan Hawrylyshyn this approach is useful for the government, as it will contribute to the constructive interaction between the government and the opposition.

Bogdan Havrylyshyn — head of the charity foundation of «Bogdan Hawrylyshyn», member of the Presidium of the Club of Rome, a member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences, the head of the Provincial Plast Council, a member of the executive committee of the Swiss Forum for International Policy, headed by the Supervisory Board of the International Institute of Management (MIM).

International Foundation «One World»

International Foundation «One World»

An agreement on strategic cooperation between the Head of the Supervisory Board of «Risk Reduction Foundation» Vladimir Kosterin and Chairman of the Foundation «One World» Edward Prutnyk was signed on 11 may, 2010. The agreement was concluded in order to contribute to the formation of «world without borders», Ukraine’s transition to the principles of sustainable and safe development, and also Ukraine’s joining to the top-ranked countries on the quality of life.

Vladimir Kosterin and Edward Prutnik outlined the major milestones of partnership:

— Popularization the objectives of the United Nations and support of projects under the auspices of the UN, in particular on issues of international security and environmental protection;

— Reduction of risks by implementing innovative technologies and «green» business solutions;

— Development of the theme of public-private partnership at central and regional level;

— Support and cooperation of the «Risk Reduction Foundation» and the «One World» Foundation on legislation, public administration and civil society development.

According to Vladimir Kosterin and Edward Prutnik, cooperation will strengthen organizational performance of the Foundations and will ensure achievement of strategic goals.

Clinton Global Initiative

Clinton Global Initiative

On 20–22 September 2011 the head of the «Risk reduction Foundation " Vladimir Kosterin took part in the 7th Annual Forum «Clinton Global Initiative», which is traditionally held in New York, USA.

«Clinton Global Initiative» (CGI) has become a platform on which politicians, business leaders, representatives of civil society held discussions in the plenary sessions and workshops for a few days. The new mechanisms to address the global problems of poverty, discrimination, and environmental disasters were discussed at the forum.

The peculiarity the event is that the organizers help to find the financial and political resources to solve the problems. Forum is also attended by representatives of the world’s intellectual elite.

During the forum a meeting between Vladimir Kosterin and famous physicist, Nobel laureate Amory Lovins was held. Scientist known for his categorical position on the unacceptability of nuclear power, which is harmful for the environment and economically disadvantageous. Vladimir Kosterin and Amory Lovins have discussed the prospects of green energy and its relevance for Ukraine as a country that has suffered the Chernobyl disaster.