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Edition of the report to the Club of Rome "The Blue Economy"

On 15 February 2012 with the support of the «Risk Reduction Foundation» at the Business School «IMI — Kiev» presentation of the book of a world-renowned scientist, a member of the Club of Rome Gunter Pauli «Blue Economy: 10 Years, 100 Innovations, 100 million jobs» was held.

Introducing the guest Bogdan Havrylyshyn said that he is a citizen of the world, a man who knows many languages, lived on different continents and has a tremendous amount of energy. «It’s great that his first visit to Ukraine occurs precisely for such a good reason — the presentation of the book «The Blue Economy «- said B. Havrylyshyn.

We live in a very difficult time, and the realities of the world force us to radically change our way of thinking. To feed humanity today it is necessary to create millions of new jobs — and not through subsidies or grants but thanks to the new economic approach. On the other hand, human impact on the environment has reached a critical point beyond which the eco-system is unable to recover itself. New economic models called the «Blue Economy» were designed to cope with the challenges.

«We are recent arrivals on this earth and we are just learning how to live properly. We are doing harm to the earth, because we want to. We need to change our way of thinking! We have to choose the best! One day my little boy asked me to teach him how to shoot a gun. But I showed him that he can hunt with a falcon, and he immediately forgot about the gun «- on this simple example Gunter Pauli explains, what meaning he puts into the concept of «change of way of thinking» and how it is easy to deal with the younger generation.

Gunter Pauli believes that only the «Blue Economy» is the most optimal economic model of the third millennium. It generates competitiveness, invents new business approaches, creates new jobs. It adds, and not takes, it returns the economy to the evolutionary development. For the followers of the «Blue Economy» nature is the best assistant and adviser!

Why the bird likes to sit on a zebra? Because thanks to the black and white stripes she receives free ventilation (zebra also of course). Using this law of physics the house was built in Japan, where in the summer it isby 5 degrees cooler than in other buildings — without any insulation and air conditioning.

After examining the termite mounds, which are characterized by precise control of entry and exit of air flow, the architects used these «tips» of nature during the construction of Laggarberg school in the city of Timra in northern Sweden. Not only it became possible to raise the temperature by 8 degrees during the cold winters without using the energy resources, but due to reasonable natural ventilation of the school children were considered almost the most healthy in Sweden. And if earlier the Swedish government had to pay extra money to people so that they settled in Timra, last year more than 300 people moved there voluntarily. Within a short time 42 innovative business companies working in line with the «Blue Economy» were created.

Or let us take bamboo forests where one billion people live. It is no secret that it has long been considered an excellent building material. But Gunter Pauli and his supporters needed more than 10,000 pages of documentary evidence to convince the German engineers and architects to build a building from bamboo that would withstand millions of visitors. But when it happened, the German experts were impressed. «This is — an incredible mastery» — they said. Moreover Pauli’s team taught Colombians, many of which were elementary illiterate, to build superb private homes of bamboo. Moreover, the cost of a spacious house with a large balcony was only 2.2 thousand dollars!

«Ukrainians should not start to grow bamboo — not that climate here. No need to imitate, look for your own options and solutions. For example, wind energy has become very fashionable now, but Ukraine has many rivers and the water that flows at a speed of 15 km / h, generates as much energy as would wind generate with really fantastic speed of 380 km / h! — Said Gunter Pauli. — Imagine, a small country Bhutan produces 10 gigawatts of electricity. It seems incredible that the Bhutanese have achieved such impressive results with no dams, because their religion does not allow to «scoff» over the water. It inspires me! "

Speaking of waste, which humanity gathers more and more with every year, we should be happy of experience of South Korea. They learned how to effectively convert it into biogas, and this can reduce taxes for the population by 30%. «Why nobody has still not done it in Ukraine when you have regular gas problems with Russia? If in three years you will not do it, then it seems there was sense for me to come to you today, «- said Gunter Pauli.

Now more and more countries of the world start to think in a new way, in the context of the «Blue Economy». For example, recently, China cultivated 34% of world cotton, but decided to completely give it up, and free the land for food production. But Chinese people will start to make clothes from… algae, which earlier they had to destroy — about 20 million tons every year. Simultaneously, in manufacturing clothes from algae (by the way, beautiful and high quality!) thousands of new jobs will be involved!

«We just do not see the new opportunities a huge number of which is around us! Imagine, every week we have a new innovation! Indeed, economy, can be reversed! A group of scientists, researchers, innovators in Ukraine should scan all local opportunities — it must be dozens, hundreds of ideas — and start to implement them! Young people will have jobs their parents could not even imagine, «- said G. Pauli.

«I have met with more than 100 first heads countries in the world and as a result — zero, leaving only their photos in my memory. So I lay my only hope to children, youth, students — only they can change the rules of the game." replied Gunter Pauli when he was questioned if he would like to present his book to Ukrainian government and officials.

Gunter Pauli — a famous scientist, member of the Club of Rome. The scope of his activity includes: business, science, culture, politics and the environment. Established more than ten large international companies («PPA Holding», «European Service Industries Forum (ESIF)», «European Business Press Federation (UPEFE)», «Ecover»). Leads the global community ZERI («Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives»). ZERI is a community of creative individuals who seek to overcome the acute problems of the world level. The main purpose is to find innovative solutions that are good for the environment and society.