2016-04-25 14:35:12

Grants for projects on the protection of environmental rights

At the climate summit in Paris in 2015 leaders of 195 countries signed a framework agreement to reduce emissions and reduce the use of fossil fuels, especially coal, in the energy sector. Given the considerable damage caused by thermal power plants in the Ukraine to the environment and public health, the Risk Reduction Foundation (RRF) announces call for proposals for non-governmental organizations: "Reducing environmental risks to territorial communities, located in the zone of thermal power plants’ influence."

Project mission - support of public initiatives for the legal protection of local communities and individual citizens of Ukraine from the environmental man-made risks of thermal power plants that are harmful to the environment, adversely affect the quality and duration of life of citizens, reduce the competitiveness of the country.

Main objectives of the project:

adaptation and implementation of a methodology for assessing environmental risks, the impact of thermal power plants on the environment, population and economy;

development of judicial ecological expertise;

protection of citizens' rights for safe life at court;

promotion of the development of environmental insurance.

Application deadline: before 1 May 2016.

Project implementation period: up to 1 year.

The volume of project financing: up to 10 000 Swiss francs.

Requirements to participants of competition:

  • non-governmental organization;
  • experience in protection of the rights of citizens and local communities on environmental issues in the court;
  • application of the methodology for assessing environmental risks and judicial ecological expertise;
  • solving a particular problem in the area of influence of the thermal power plant on the territory of Ukraine;
  • media coverage of the problems of the negative impact of thermal power plants on the environment and human health.

Financing of the project:

RRF does not finance expenditures for salaries, maintenance of offices, purchase of equipment. Funding is allocated for the involvement of experts and scientists, conduction of seminars, meetings, preparation of analytical reports, publishing expertise in the media. The priority is given to already established projects and experience in implementing similar projects.

The structure of the project proposal:

  • description of the problem;
  • experience of the organization in addressing problems;
  • goal and tasks;
  • stakeholder analysis;
  • algorithm, steps and tools for implementation of the tasks;
  • estimates;
  • expected results;
  • publication of results.

Grant applications are accepted at the following address: [email protected]