2016-04-23 19:10:54

GRID-Geneva: assessment of ecological risks

Since its creation in 1985, the Global Resource Information Database (GRID) centre in Geneva has been transforming data into scientifically-validated information that underpins environmental decision-making at the global, regional and local levels. Over the last thirty years, GRID-Geneva has produced countless value-added environmental information products by means of remote sensing, geospatial modelling and analysis using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The Centre's expertise also includes developing client-specific spatial data infrastructures and carrying out capacity building projects to strengthen environmental information systems of partner organizations.

The organization provides access to environmental data and information to make important decisions and implement the regional development strategies. These data are basic information about the state of the environment and development trends when developing UNEP analytical materials - an important UN agency. Collected data also provides the basis for an early warning system on emerging environmental challenges and threats. GRID-Geneva has become a unique platform that helps get a qualitative analysis and adopt the best solutions for a wide range of environmental issues. At the same time the organization is a key adaptation center for geo-spatial know-how, the implementation of remote sensing systems, statistical analysis and geographic information systems.

Head of the Risk Reduction Foundation Volodymyr Kosterin and Rector of the University of Geneva, Professor Yves Flückiger

GRID-Geneva: optimal environmental solutions for sustainable development of the region

Since its establishment and to the present day the main GRID-Geneva office is located in Switzerland. In addition to signing a partnership agreement with UNEP in 1998, the organization is working closely with the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and the University of Geneva.

As a result of more than 30 years of working experience in the field of environment, GRID-Geneva has become an internationally renowned and respected analytical center for environmental protection. Experts of the organization professionally approach the analysis, monitoring and identification of emerging environmental problems and also develop the best solutions for the sustainable development of the region.

Science Day at UNEP/GRID-Geneva

In September 2015, GRID-Geneva in collaboration with UNEP organized a crucial event - the celebration of the Science Day. The event included presentations of important materials in two sessions: «Novel approaches for environmental information» and «Environmental assessment and policies». The event became an opportunity to show current and future developments at UNEP/GRID-Geneva for monitoring the environment and taking the global pulse for a greener world. Also, after the event GRID-Geneva celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Keynote speeches included Yves Flückiger (Rector, University of Geneva), Bruno Oberle (Director, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment), Jacqueline McGlade (Director, Division of Early Warning and Assessment, UNEP).

Participants of the conference discusses such important issues as: «Spatial assessment of ecosystem services», «Global borders: a tool for measuring the global environment» and «Problems and trends of spatial data infrastructure development for the environment».