2013-01-24 19:17:00

Social responsibility

What does corporate social responsibility means for us? What benefit does it bring? Where do we see ourselves within the meaning of CSR? We do not stop asking these questions every day. And every single day we answer these question that CSR – this is the an integral part of our existence, a style of our thinking, a part of our mission and goals.

We do understand that everything we do needs to be driven for the result of prolonged active effect, even in a long perspective. We realize that the complex of your actions, which we put into the meaning of CSR, must bring and will definitely bring invaluable support to every cell of our society, to every single face, to every company, to every country.

Do we think of the fact that timber extraction on the Planet brings to nonreversible climate changes when because of annual disappearing of 13 mln.ha of the forests a biosphere is being changed and further climate change breaks global and local ecological balance?

Do we really think that these processes bring an impact on health and welfare of the humans, fertility and mortality, financial status of the society, level of education and science? Yes – we do think and we see the connection between these processes since we see at all of these globally geopolitically. And we really think about other processes which are the products of the humanity and progress and which negatively effect on the external world in one way or another.

All the activity we do is socially focused and we use different strategies and approaches, which are connected with CSR code and principle, for our goals achievement.

What CSR principles do we have? There are three:

  • Transparency. Everything we do is open for the society and environment. Acting responsibly, we cannot hide our opinion and action plans.
  • Consistency. We work with the long- perspective view. We clear understand that a strong and secure foundation has to be built for our followers.
  • Significance. Every step of us in the limit of our CSR strategy has the only one aim - the result. And all our actions are focused on people live improvement.

In the CSR limits the following permanent projects are functioning:

  • The «Legal+» Project. For the evaluation and assessment of every project we work with, we invite lawyers, which provide a proper legal assessment of such project. Law companies we cooperate with take the condition that a part of their fee which we pay is being forward on social and scientific projects support.
  • The “Let You Try!” project. Anyone who think that his project or an idea can make the world better, when this reflects in spheres we operate, can ask us for the financial support focused on the proper project or idea evaluation and the ways of its development and popularization.
  • The “Feel the world” project. We are focused on the most sensitive topics which touch the humanity. These are environment and health protection as well as new technologies development.
  • The “Country Desk” project. For the purposes of proper evaluation and assessment of every project we work with, a three territorial clusters are fasten with our find’s experts: “EU Desk”, “New developing markets desk”, “Asia/Pacific Desk”. In the limit of these territories we realize our fund popularization, projects and innovations investigation and partners searching.
  • The “RRF Academy” project. Every year we organize a visiting of conferences, symposiums and hi-tech/innovative enterprises for talents and innovators.
  • The “Green Politics” project. The fund cooperates with NGO and political organizations which focused on the development of human being and environment protection legal mechanism. The fund helps free of charge such organizations for theirs goals realization and achievement.