2012-09-11 10:10:00

European Greens have discussed environmental problems in Ukraine

On 11–14 of May in Copenhagen (Denmark) 16 th Congress of the European Greens (European Green Party) was held. The event was held under the theme «Social Policy. Social integration. Social interaction, — reported press service of the International «Risk Reduction Foundation» (RRF).

The congress was opened with the participation of Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Denmark Willy Sevndala, who with co-chair of the European Parliament faction «The Greens / European Free Alliance» Daniel Cohn-Bendit held a meeting on the ongoing process of the «Arab Spring» and the reaction of the European Union. Key themes of the congress were the introduction in Europe of Green New Deal (GND) and the creation of green jobs as a possible way out of the global economic crisis.

As part of the congress, a meeting of co-chair of the faction «Greens / European Free Alliance» Rebecca Harms and head of the international «Risk Reduction Foundation» (RRF) Vladimir Kosterin was held. During the meeting the social, economic and environmental risks in Ukraine and mechanisms to reduce them were discussed. In discussing the social and political situation in Ukraine, the parties came to the conclusion that the European countries should increase dialogue with Ukrainian civil society and not to boycott Euro 2012, and promote environmental culture and European values.

At the Congress, also the issue of environmental degradation in the Ukraine was addressed. The European Greens are concerned about the scale of the environmental problems that pose a threat not only for the Ukrainians, but also for the people of neighboring countries.

Following the results of the congress a number of resolutions on the social aspects of the «Green New Deal», the future of the EU and the reform of the European Investment Bank (EIB) in the direction of green energy policy were adopted.