2012-09-09 10:15:00

Gunter Pauli: "Economic development and ecological balance should be interconnected"

This week in the Business School of International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv) the book of world-renowned scientist, a member of the Club of Rome Gunter Pauli was presented. The book demonstrates how you can take everything what you need for life from nature without destroying it. For example, to take energy from the sun, water, wind, to build houses of quickly renewable materials to create organic medicines.

Speaking at the presentation of the book, the scientist urged not to squeeze too much out of the world but to use what nature gave us in a wise way. According to him, the restoration of the ecological balance and economic development must be interconnected processes.

— There is no place for wasting something in nature — said Gunter Pauli.

Now people consume ten times more natural resources than they realy need, polluting the air, water and land. The result is a climate change, the increase of natural disasters, droughts and earthquakes.

Scientist calls economy, which has learned to live in harmony with the environment, «blue».

— Each country is ready to implement the blue economy, — he says. — The main thing is to change our consciousness and the way we live. We also need the appropriate public policies that will implement such changes in society.

Author’s visit to Kiev was held at the invitation of the famous scientist, professor, member of the Club of Rome Bohdan Hawrylyshyn and under the auspices of Swiss Risk Reduction Foundation (head of the foundation — Vladimir Kosterin). According to the host party, Pauli’s ideas are particularly important for Ukraine. Because high energy costs and low efficiency of our economy are main problems.

— The world population is expected to grow, the industry — to develop, especially in less developed countries, the demand for natural resources will increase and pollution of the biosphere will also increase, — said Bogdan Havrylyshyn. — In this context, a book, that gives many concrete examples how is it possible, following the laws of nature, to preserve its resources, reduce or avoid environmental contamination and at the same to creat new jobs, came out. Vladimir Kosterin believes that the competitiveness of the modern economy depends on its environmental performance and innovations.

— We invited patriotic citizens who want to make Ukraine a truly modern country at a meeting with Gunter Pauli — said the head of the Risk Reduction Foundation. — Presentation of the book caused a great interest among scholars, public figures and students. It is significant that officials and deputies did not come. I am sure that the future of the country depends on the activity of civil society. Ideas and suggestions of Gunter Pauli about greening will contribute to the formation of Ukraine as an environmentally friendly and safe state, with an innovative economy and a high level life quality.