2011-09-13 11:34:00

International forum with the participation of PACE: "Public-Private Partnership in the Sphere of Risk Reduction "

Forum was organized by «Risk Reduction Foundation» (Head — Vladimir Kosterin) and the Subcommittee on Sustainable Development of the Committee on the Environment, Agriculture, Local and Regional Authorities of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Forum has been designated as the start of a large-scale campaign to promote the theme of risk reduction at the global, national and local level.

PACE members (MPs of Austria, Croatia, France), experts from leading research organizations of Ukraine (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU), Centre for Environmental Monitoring and Biodiversity of NASU, International Management Institute, the National Institute for Strategic Studies), and representatives of insurance companies, discussed problem of increasing risks in the world and opportunities for their reduction.

The speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Lytvyn focused attention on the importance of the theme of the forum: «Proposed risk-reduction issues are extremely important from the standpoint that we live in a world of risks and threats which we have created, and now we face the challenge of overcoming them. The world is becoming more globalized and interdependent, and there is no such area of human life that doesn’t carry risks and potential dangers. It regards to politics, economy, industry, information and social spheres. " To the opinion of Volodymyr Lytvyn, challenges, which the European community faces, are directly related to Ukraine.

Addressing with a welcome speech to those present, PACE President Mevlut Cavusoglu said that every day from different parts of the Earth, we receive alarming signals of disasters, accidents, emergency events, killing hundreds of thousands of people. According to the head of PACE, the subject of risk reduction in the environmental, economic and social spheres at the level of state policy has great potential and can contribute to systemic problem solving.

According to organizers of the forum, due to the frequency and scale of natural and man-made disasters, the quality and duration of life of a person in a particular country depends on the effectiveness of risk reduction in other countries. Therefore, civil society and the authorities of different countries should be united around the theme of reducing environmental risks, since environmental issues have no boundaries.

An effective mechanism for performing preventive function is environmental insurance, which is practiced in the leading countries. Representatives of insurance companies in Ukraine said that, this mechanism is not fully used in Ukraine, because of the existing legal gaps and the lack of state support to this direction of the insurance. In turn, PACE MPs suggested to establish communication with the local authorities, as they are very close to all problems. The format of public-private partnerships can allow to budge problems that remained unsolved for years, in order to carry out the greening of the country in the near decade.