2021-05-26 15:30:56

Coal-fired power plants in Ukraine pollute the air the most in Europe - research

According to the ash dust emissions, Ukrainian power plants pollute the air more than the EU countries, Turkey and the Western Balkans combined, environmentalists have found out.
Ukraine's coal-fired power plants are leaders in the scale of air pollution in Europe. This was announced on Tuesday, May 25, by the Ukrainian public environmental organization "Ekodia" with reference to a new study by the international think tank EMBER.
According to analysts, Ukrainian TPPs produce 72 percent of all ash dust emissions in Europe. This is more than similar power plants in the EU, Turkey and the Western Balkans combined.
Among the top 10 stations with the highest ash dust emissions in Ukraine are eight: Kurakhivska, Burshtynska, Trypilska, Luhanska, Zmiivska, Vuhlehirska, Slovyanska and Ladyzhynska TPPs. In "Ekodia" note - all of them were put into operation in the 60-70s of the last century.
Ash dust particles in polluted air are the cause of about 80 percent of premature deaths from coal-fired power plants in Europe, environmentalists add.
Burshtyn TPP is the dirtiest in Europe
According to two other indicators - sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides - Ukraine produces 27 percent and 16 percent of all emissions in Europe, respectively. Thus, Ukrainian TPPs are leaders in European air pollution with sulfur dioxide and rank third among nitrogen oxide pollutants.
At the same time, Burshtyn TPP ranks first in terms of sulfur dioxide pollution and second in terms of ash dust pollution. It is the oldest of the top 10 air pollutant stations in Europe - it was commissioned in 1964.
The authors of the study note that since Ukraine's accession to the Energy Community Treaty in 2011, none of Ukraine's TPPs has been brought into line with the requirements of the EU Directives on air pollutant emissions.

Source: ecoaction.org.ua