2021-11-24 17:05:25

The right to a healthy environment is a new PACE initiative

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has launched a new campaign #EnvironmentRightNow aimed at greening legislation.

Due to climate risks, the increasing frequency of natural disasters and the forced migration of large numbers of people are becoming part of the daily international agenda.

PACE President Rick Dams took the lead in securing the right to a healthy environment in EU legislation. The goal is to form an additional legal standard for the European community to achieve sustainable development goals and to strengthen the implementation of the relevant UN resolutions (Transforming our world: 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development).

It was stated by Rick Dams that the dreams of environmental safety and reality do not differ, EnvironmentRightNow becomes a political priority of the PACE.

The concretization of the green direction was presented at the PACE session in the form of a list of thematic reports:

- Possibilities of democracy to combat climate change;

- Resolving issues of criminal and civil liability in the context of climate change;

- Climate crisis and rule of law;

- Tackling inequalities in the right to a safe, healthy and clean environment

- Climate and migration;

- Research policy and environmental protection.

The head of the Risk Reduction Fund, Vladimir Kosterin, agrees with Rick Dams' position that the right to live in a healthy, clean and safe environment should be part of a universal set of fundamental human rights.

Source: pace.coe.int