2021-12-13 17:30:05

Emergency of Ukrainian TPPs/CHPPs - consequences of non-fulfillment of the NPDV

The crisis situation in the energy complex stimulation is due to different levels of problems and factors. One of the hottest research issues is the reduction of environmental risks and a reliable energy supply. Air pollution by emissions from thermal power plants is a problem in Ukraine that requires a comprehensive solution.
“Ukrainians have an international connection to reduce emissions from electrical installations for 2018–2033. The corresponding emission reduction plan (EMP) includes blocks of coal-fired TPPs, CHPPs and heating boilers (heating plants with a capacity of 50 MW and above) of DTEK, Donbassenergo, Centrenergo and other owners, ”said expert Oksana Moroz in her article in Mirror of the week".
The project was formed by the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry and first appeared publicly in April 2015.
“A potential source of financing for modernization projects. But it was canceled in 2019 after the adoption of the Law "On the Electricity Market" - emphasizes Oksana Moroz.
Further, the line ministry of energy efficiency enhancement of the energy efficiency of the fuel system uses useful positions in terms of developing a plan.
“National is a transitional mechanism for deviating from safe compliance with emission limit requirements, to ensure safe and reliable power supply from the power units covered by the NPDV, and safe management in achieving normal performance, and not for the sake of hanging conditionally. overwhelming tasks to fulfill obligations with the EU.
Expert forecasts of obsolete equipment in a systematic emergency state.
For stable passage of fuel in the season.
In the article “Green” Deal and Coal Energy: Unconditional Conflict or Synergy? "For the Energobusiness publication, Oksana Moroz emphasizes that Ukraine, as a party to the Agreement on the Establishment of the Energy Community, has supported the legislative basis for the provision on the importance of ensuring safety, ensuring a stable investment climate so that local energy sources (including coal) can be exploited.
“Compact Internal Implementation Mechanism”.
The recently presented to the public order of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 1512-r dated November 24, 2121, with another postponement of measures for eco-modernization of coal energy, excludes the possibility of an objective, according to the schedule, reduction of emissions. And according to the expert's forecasts, it can lead to the opposite effect - to their necessary help for the "green" - coal paradox with an increase in electricity generation at coal-fired TPPs with the rapid growth of renewable energy sources and the level of the use of new reconstruction technologies and the introduction of new technologies.
It is obvious that the current situation requires systems and actions from the President of Ukraine and the heads of the relevant parliamentary committees.
Based on materials from "Mirror of the Week", "Energobusiness"