2023-07-27 14:30:32

At the championship in Leipzig, the Ukrainian national team took first place

On July 21-23, the European Go Championship was held in Leipzig (Germany). The Ukrainian team took first place. "This is a significant result," says the honorary president of the Go Federation, Volodymyr Kosterin. "The skills of playing Go form competitive and successful young people, because both analytical and creative abilities develop harmoniously during training."

The ability to calculate moves several steps ahead and imagine combinations is important in everyday life. "Both on the battlefield and in the development of business strategies, a comprehensive vision and risk assessment contribute to victories. I am glad that our team is so capable and gifted. The players once again proved that Ukrainians can be the leaders of Europe, because this is the third victory at the European Championship in the last decade," Kosterin added.

In the leading countries of Asia, Go lessons play a fundamental role in education, and the conditions for learning are created at the state level - from a network of schools to specialized TV channels, respectively, on a global scale, Go players from China, South Korea, Japan are the best, but at the level of Europe, Ukraine is the leader.